FSA on the The Block!

FSA are proud to be the official window and door hardware suppliers to The Block, providing high performance window solutions. Filmed in Gisborne, Macedon Ranges, with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. One of the biggest renovation TV shows in Australian history.

In collaboration with Aluplast, Viridian, Thermotek Windows and Doors, we are excited to be involved with the project.

All houses featured ultra-advanced, triple glazed IDEAL 4000® and smart-slide systems. See how our windows and doors enhance aesthetics, energy efficiency, liveability and comfort, to provide high performance window solutions to meet and exceed a NatHERS energy rating of 7 stars+. 


Our partners on The Block


Viridian Glass

Official supplier of high-performance glazing


Thermotek Windows And Doors

Proudly manufacturing and installing aluplast Window and Doors Systems to The Block

The Block 2022

The biggest television event of the year, The Block’s grand final auction. All five magnificent properties went under the hammer. If you thought the last 12 weeks were full of drama, wait till you hear the shocking end results,what the buyers thought and how The Blockheads felt.

Watching contestants Tom and Sarah-Jane, Dylan and Jenny, Rachael and Ryan, Ankur and Sharon, Omar and Oz renovate houses in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges, showed magnificent results and saw Omar and Oz walk away with the biggest profit in The Blocks history ever!

WINNER - House 5

Omar and Oz at house 5 were up first, as the boys would say ‘let’s go!’ was their vibe while sitting with Scotty.The bidder Danny Wallis sold house 5 for an astonishing $5,666,666.66, which allowed the boys to secure $1,586,666.66 in profit and $100,00 in additional prize money. The boys also known as ‘the bathroom kings’ really created The Block history in an eye-watering finale.

House 1

Considering that the boys had such phenomenal results gave hope to the contestants and viewers.However, this was not the case. Tom and Sarah-Jane’s fantastic feedback from the judges and coming up first in most weeks with their reveals meant nothing to the bidders. House 1 sold their home for $4,100,000.99, leaving them with just $20,000.99, which ended in the lowest profit of the night.

House 3

Ankur and Sharon’s house failed to meet the reserve and were forced to be pulled away from the auction.This was not expected from viewers, and Scotty was shocked. However, the house was later sold to LMCT Plus, who raffled the house off.

House 4

Dylan and Jenny’s house failed to meet the reserve and was removed from the auction. Again, this was totally unexpected from viewers, and Scotty was very vocual that the auctioneer was continuing with the process. However, the house was later sold for an undisclosed figure.

House 2

Lastly, Rachael and Ryan at house 2 were formally given to Danny Wallis who had originally bid at $4,050,000.50. Due to this amount failing to meet the reserve he was happy to raise the price to $4,249,800.85 once privately negotiated. This allowed house 2 to secure a profit of $169,800.85.