Roto Frank was founded in 1935 by Mr.Wilhelm Frank, a German inventor and entrepreneur who registered more than 1200 patents in his life and invented the world first Tilt&Turn window hardware. Innovative hardware technology and systems for modern windows and doors have been a key factor for the success of Roto over the past 75 years. Their products represent the latest state-of-the-art advances in design, functionality, technology and durability and reassure their position as an innovation leader in the global market.
As the leading provider of products in the North American window and door industry, Truth Hardware has been setting the standard for quality and durability for over a century. Their components have been tested and specifically engineered to enhance the form and function of customers’ doors and windows. So whether you need window components that add value to your designs or door hardware that looks and performs beautifully, you can trust Truth Hardware to help you get the job done right.
As the market leader in its segment throughout Europe, HOPPE develops, manufactures and markets door and window hardware made of aluminum, brass, nylon, and stainless steel with the focus on capturing the ambiance in every detail. No matter whether you’re looking for handles for entrance doors, for interior doors or for profile doors, whether you’re looking for sliding door sets or pull handles, we can offer this and more at an optimum benefit/price ratio. Appealing design is combined with innovative technology for various requirements, for example in lockable window handles, fire-resistant lever sets or security hardware. HOPPE offers a 10- year operational guarantee on all door and window handles, as we believe that a brand product must keep its promise of quality to the customer. HOPPE – Handle of excellence.
HAUTAU GmbH was founded in Hagenburg in 1910 and moved its headquarters to Helpsen in 1920. With its 25,000sqm company premises, HAUTAU has, over the years, become a major supplier for window and window door fittings.The trade name HAUTAU has an excellent reputation throughout Europe. They consider keeping their good name and producing high quality fittings to be a great responsibility.HAUTAU – Competence from experience.
Nekos emerged from the creation of ideas for the automation of window products, transforming the philosophy of thought into simple avant-garde creations for your window…Their research and development combined with direct experience in the field ensure that each item is created from the concept of one common technology for the automation of any kind of window system.
Windowmaker Software Ltd is a leading supplier of innovative, market leading solutions to the window and door industry. Built on the latest technology, and supported by over 35 years of experience as a global software company, Windowmaker has the experience and expertise to deliver solutions that forward-thinking companies can rely on to increase profitability and gain a competitive advantage.
The Invisifold System (pat.pending) is designed to convert standard welded windows and doors into sliding/folding/swing systems. It’s the most Systems House and fabricator friendly sliding product range ever designed. The range uses the same components for all of the products including: doors, casements, tilt and turn. With NO visible hinges and NO visible hardware - just a simple handle on the main door. By replacing the original gearing with the Invisifold components an incredible new world of possibilities opens up! The Invisidold range takes both double and triple glazed units, the doors may be installed to the maximum height specified by the system houses. There is no limit to the number of panels because they are not connected and move individually. NO MAGNETS , NO BOGIE WHEELS , NO ROLLERS... JUST UNIQUE ENGINEERING
OERTLI specialise in the design and manufacture of world class machine tools, ranging from simple profile cutters to the very complex tooling systems used for the manufacture of timber windows and doors.They have gained a worldwide reputation for specialist technical support and for exceptional design and manufacture capabilities of machine and application specific tooling systems that deliver top performance.
Decades of experience, closeness to the market and constant dialogue with customers enable Dr.Hahn® to identify trends and developments in constructing doors to create the stylish, functional and reliable hinging solutions.They reguarly invest in cutting edge production technology and manufacture in house to ensure the highest quality controls and product performance.
Anthony Innovations brings over 65 years of experience in the development of new hardware solutions. We specialise in the design and manufacture of rollers that move large door and window panels for high-spec residential and commercial applications. We apply our industry expertise and the latest technologies, to develop new rollers that make doors and windows move effortlessly. Our team of product and sales engineers help OEM’s, systems distributors and fabricators of doors and windows globally to solve problems and in so doing, to stay ahead of their competitors.
L.M. Monticelli is the only company specialising exclusively in corner joints, from their design and development to the manufacture of the finished piece. The manufacturing process is fully carried out in Italian plants with the dedication of all our resources. Attention to detail translates into top quality corner joints. Our quality assurance system consists of our resources and activities carried out to achieve our goal, which is full customer satisfaction.
TOMMA door systems provide high quality sliding and folding hardware for doors, walls and windows. They are fast gaining a reputation as a leading manufacturer of systems and components for the most demanding of applications.At TOMMA, they listen to their customers, then design, develop and manufacture.
FENTEC is a brand that represents quality, innovation and uniqueness. FSA search the world for companies that embrace and represent these qualities and then collaborate to create products that are suitable for the Australian market and Fenestration systems.
Intek Plastics creates custom plastic extrusions, using the latest technology and highest quality materials. With over 50 years of experience, they serve construction, agriculture, recreation, appliance, telecommunications, transportation, retail point-of-purchase (POP) displays, windows and doors, commercial refrigeration, and LED lighting industries.
The power of the Schlegel brand extends across Australia, New Zealand and many territories in the rest of the World,known as a quality manufacturer and supplier of window and door components. Whilst majoring on the offer of sealing systems in Europe, Schlegel International also offers selected hardware products to both distributors and fabricators.With manufacturing plants around the World, including Australia, Schlegel serves many markets globally.
For more than 125 years, H.B. Fuller has been a leading global industrial adhesives provider. Through a shared vision, strong leadership and spirit of collaboration, they consistently deliver the adhesive innovations that enhance our products and lives. They’ve built their brand in the trade by partnering with Australia’s leading hardware and construction outlets to supply products formulated to withstand Australia’s tough climate.
Cyclone’s history with steel mesh fencing makes it the one brand to trust when specifying or purchasing Insect Screening Mesh. They recognise the need for a wide variety of insect screening materials in order to cover most applications. Australia is a big country and the needs of Queenslanders often vary from those of Tasmanians.. Tropical insects, pets’ claws, seaside locations and period architecture demand a range of screening types.
For many decades now, Weiss has been very successful in setting new market standards when it comes to quality and excellent service. Their comprehensive product line of adhesives and sandwich panels covers a large variety of different applications including a specialist range of adhesives and cleaners for Wood, Aluminium and uPVC window and door systems.
Mighton Products manufacture and distribute products specially designed for timber Double Hung windows. While referred to as Double Hung in Australia, they are often known as box frame windows in England and Wales or sash and case windows in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Mighton are the UK’s oldest established sash window hardware specialist.
The SFS Group For over 60 years, the international SFS Group has been specialising in the development, manufacturing and marketing of fastening systems, door and window hinges and precision formed parts. The activities of the SFS Group can be divided into three segments, each of which offers its services and products with a single goal: creating benefits for customers
FSA’s partnership with Auslock is an exciting step forward into the Home Automation segment for Windows and Doors and one that is very exciting from a product and innovation perspective. Auslock was established by a group of Australian architects and builders who have key insights into the building industry on all levels. They have over 40 years combined experience with extensive knowledge and their aim is to help advance Australia with new, market leading technology from around the world. Leading the tech space in Smart Lock hardware, Auslock has options to suit all needs and being based in Australia, they ensure all quality assurance and compliance with Australian standards. The main focus for Auslock extends beyond profits, ensuring products are high quality, durable, affordable and feature rich and their choice of FSA as their premier partner for the fabricator market is to ensure that this is backed up by top class service and support. The Auslock commitment: “To provide products which are not only Australian first, but also world first”
Founded by German engineer Frank Spork, Centor was first formed in Brisbane, Australia in 1951. Initially manufacturing hardware and track for sliding doors, the business evolved as Frank’s reputation for producing solid dependable products with silky smooth performance grew. The family business expanded to a second generation under the guidance of Erwin Spork and is overseen today by Frank’s grandson Managing Director, Nigel Spork. Over the decades, Centor forged a reputation for designing and manufacturing the industry’s leading window and door systems. In 1998, Centor designed and patented hardware for the modern folding door that enabled them to be used as exterior openings for the first time. These doors allowed architects to design homes which could connect people to the world outside. Centor introduced this technology initially to Australia, and then worked with architects in the UK, Europe and North America, where Centor is the leading component supplier today. Following the success of its folding door technology, Centor delivered another world-first – a retractable insect screen that could be used on large door openings and operated with the touch of a fingertip. In 2010, Centor was introduced to Design Led Innovation, a method of strategically changing a business. Within six months, the company invested significant resources into designing and delivering the award-winning Integrated Door – a patio door with concealed hardware and built-in insect screens and shades.
The first of the Seiki Group of companies was established by Mr. Mamoru Moriya in Tokyo, Japan in 1960. The company specialized in the design and manufacturing of plastic extrusions. Since 1962 Seiki has seen consistent growth not only with plastic extrusion, we manufacture and design many other innovative products and Seiki now consists of 5 sister companies. Domestically Seiki is recognized as a leading manufacturer of retractable screen. Within our group of companies we are able to, manage sales, marketing, product engineering and design, production, delivery and continued product development. Our innovative designs, a commitment to high quality products and our attention to detail has enabled us to maintain a high market share in Japan. Insect screens sales make up 60% of the Seiki Group’s business. Various screens such as fixed panel mesh doors, vertical and horizontal roll screens, as well as pleated screens have been developed to suit various needs and changing life styles.

The EVO® Jambliner system by FSA is an evolution of the Mega Jambliner system that encompasses all the benefits of the original Jambliner system but is improved significantly to suit the requirements of the Australian market. The patented* system allows manufacturers to have flexibility in how they balance the sashes without having to change how the frames and sashes are made. This allows more options than ever on the one platform for operating and balancing double hung windows.