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Motorised Window Operators

NEKOS offer an innovative and expansive range of Electric Actuators that allow you to fully automate any window.

  • Adjustable Chain length
  • Remote Controlled & Synchro versions available
  • Full range of control units and stations for full automation
  • 240VAC  Standard and  24VDC optional

Battery Operated Winders

The AXA Remote 2.0 by FENTEC™ is the perfect solution for those hard  to reach windows.

  • Battery Operated – no wiring required
  • Open remotely with IR Remote control
  • Can be retrofitted to existing windows
  • DIY Installation

Electric Multipoint Locking

The EneoCC motorised Multipoint Door Lock offers numerous keyless options, whisper quiet operation and the highest levels of security for any building

  • Remote Control, Keypad, Bluetooth or Fingerprint entry options
  • Day / Night functionality (don’t get locked out)
  • Multipoint locking for exceptional security
  • Comfort Function for permanent Egress

Motorised Louvres

AutoLouve™  is  operated  by  a  powerful  linear  motor  that  is directly  connected  to  the  Louvre  gallery  using  a patented Radial Link®.

  • Fully concealed low voltage motor
  • Operate up to 26 Louvre Blades off a single motor
  • Compatible with CBUS and BM systems
  • 152mm & 102mm systems available